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Totus Mediation, your expert in business mediation

and strategic partnerships

Why Totus

International success

Totus Mediation specializes in business mediation for multinationals and large organizations. We combine the best of the American mediation model with the standards of the Mediation Federation of the Netherlands (MfN). Our added value lies in ensuring continuity and mitigating customer impact. With an in-depth understanding of the unique challenges within both the private and public sectors, we are ready to help you.


Are you dealing with large business disputes or questions about Covenants, Collaboration Agreements, Data Delivery Agreements, Service and eXperience Level Agreements, DAPs and KPIs? As an experienced mediator, we understand business contracts and strive for effective solutions so you can focus on your business.

MfN Register Mediation. A sustainable method of mediation, aimed at 'solving things together', with the mediator as facilitator.

+ Sustainable solutions
+ Repair relationship
+ Suitable for public and private use
- Requires sufficient time

Better Collaboration - MfN Registered Mediator - Business Mediation and conflict mediation. KPI and SLA mediation. Mediation - Mediator

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een uitgestoken hand, omdat de deal gesloten kan worden en het contract getekend


tender and contract

Support in international tendering and disputes surrounding compliance with a contract. Also with takeovers and mergers.

handen schudden na een succesvolle mediation


mfn registered

If it is not possible to reach an agreement together, but a solution or consensus is necessary. MfN methodology and American model.

mensen die samen blij zijn, na een goede bemiddeling

Active Mediation

conflict management

By  an active method of alternating 1-on-1 conversations and plenary sessions, effective mediation can be achieved. 

In the world of business mediation, it is crucial to understand a wide range of approaches and techniques, especially when dealing with international disputes. With ever-increasing interactions between the public and private sectors, the need for effective mediation strategies has never been more prominent.

The Dutch MFN model is central to the European approach to mediation. It places a strong emphasis on collaboration, building consensus and finding common ground. It is about creating a platform where parties can express their concerns and interests in a neutral and protective environment.

In contrast, the American Mediation model, which has its origins in a more competitive business environment, emphasizes the importance of strategic negotiations and often results-oriented outcomes. There is a clear focus on achieving concrete solutions, which makes it particularly effective in business transactions where results are paramount.

The Swedish model offers a balanced mix of both. It combines the collaborative approach of the Dutch model with the results-oriented approach of the American model, making it suitable for a wide range of disputes.

Our own experience in mediation, especially within the large corporate domain, has shown that the American model is often preferred in high-stakes situations where quick, concrete results are required. For example, in discussions with leading technology and telecom companies. However, the value of the MFN model should not be overlooked, especially in more complex, nuanced situations where understanding and valuing multiple interests is central.

Mediation is not a one-size-fits-all solution, but rather a spectrum of techniques and approaches that can be tailored to the unique needs of each dispute. For those entering the international arena, it is essential to thoroughly understand these models and their applications.

International Conflict Mediation

The best mediator in Amsterdam, The Hague, Leiden and Rotterdam. Business mediator and speaker and chairman in Noordwijk. Very experienced chairman for municipalities and the public domain. Chairman Amsterdam, Chairman Rotterdam, Chairman The Hague, Chairman Leiden. Chairman Utrecht, Chairman Alkmaar, Chairman Delft, Chairman Leiden Chairman Noordwijk. Mediator Amsterdam, Mediator Noordwijk, Mediator Den Haag, Mediator Lisse, Mediator Hillegom, Mediator Oegstgeest, Mediator Bollenstreek, Mediator Zuid Holland, Mediator Noord Holland, Mediator Sassenheim, Mediator Noordwijk aan Zee, Mediator Zandvoort, Mediator Aerdenhout, Mediator Bloemendaal, Mediator Haarlem, Mediator Leiden, mediation in divorce, mediation in dispute with neighbors, what now, divorce what you, divorce with a lot of money, divorce with house, divorce with inheritance, conflict, conflict mediation, best conflict mediation, kpi, sla, disputes, dispute about contract, contract dispute, help with drawing up a contract, drawing up a contract, terminating a contract, advice on a contract, what to do in the event of a divorce, breach of contract, what you, can someone fire me, can someone just like me, can I get help with an argument, an argument with my neighbors , neighbor dispute. Contract SLA and KPI dispute, promise not fulfilled, promise not fulfilled, not delivered, not delivered, what now, what can I do if someone does not deliver, it has not been delivered, delivery not received, KPI not achieved, KPI not achieved, not complying with sla, not complying with service level agreements, defaulting, declaring default

een foto van mutlinationals in relatie tot mediation


contract and tender management

Our experience comes from working on the axis of the relationship with and for various multinationals and the government.  Think of Apple, 3UK, Asurion, KPN and more. Work has been done on outsourcing and drawing up international contracts. And to the strategic demand articulation and covenants on data deliveries from, for example, the Benefits Service.

een afbeelding om aan te geven dat onze waarde natuur getrouw zijn

Core values

transparent and discreet

Transparent and discreet; perhaps somewhat paradoxical. Each step in the process must be clear in advance and for all participants. In addition, we attach great importance to being able to openly discuss wishes and requirements. That trust is the basis of how we think the best solution is achieved.  That's the only way to make it better.

een foto van Jordi Zwart, oprichter van Totus Mediation


totus - the whole

Founder and MfN registered mediatorJordi Black Totus works with a core team of legal and financial experts, or with the experts who have been provided. Jordi also works as strategic advisor and, among other things, addresses administrative issues, collaborations and business optimization.

MfN Mediation, Business Conflict Mediation, Chairman, Corporate Mediation, Register Mediation - mediator, MfN mediator and Registered Mediator Large Business. SLA, KPI conflicts, disputes.

MfN Mediation, Business Conflict Mediation, Chairman, Corporate Mediation, Register Mediation - mediator, MfN mediator and Registered Mediator Large Business. SLA, KPI conflicts, disputes.

MfN Mediation, Business Conflict Mediation, Chairman, Corporate Mediation, Register Mediation - mediator, MfN mediator and Registered Mediator Large Business. SLA, KPI conflicts, disputes.


Totus Mediation - MfN registered
Crosspoint Offices Noordwijk
phone:   071 362 68 95
app: 06 2480 7815

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